Halloween Hacks. cvv2su, unicc-shopsu

By all estimates, black turtlenecks are taking the cake today for the most popular Halloween costume of 2019. For many in Silicon Valley still recovering from that bad blood, the iconic look is indeed spooky – a reminder of a tech fairytale gone wrong. But while others are celebrating the tricks of the industry, we at Synack prefer to celebrate the fairytales gone right with some Halloween treats. 
We still love ourselves a good success story, and they are still alive and well today!  However, they’re a little bit different than the folklore of those Arabian nights or the icy countryside of Arendelle. A few things have changed since we had princesses, who could only be awakened from their deepest of sleeps by the true love of Prince Charming, locked in towers far, far away:
The adversary conducts an illegal experiment to create one of the most dangerous hackers in the world: SQLitch. However, the experiment goes amuck – SQLitch is born as a very powerful hacker – but an ethical one. The adversary gets in trouble with the law, and SQLitch looks for a new home. He finds a nice woman named Lilo, who works with him to develop his ethical hacking skills and connect him with the Synack Red Team. His skills and integrity help him immediately ascend to Level 0x05, and through the platform, he works with companies and government agencies in need of his skills to defend against malicious actors.
A very happy Halloween to all – may you live securely ever after!
cvv2su unicc-shopsu