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Students at Saint Anthony Park Elementary School in St. Paul are getting creative in the fight against cyber bullying.
In honor of October being Bullying Prevention Month, teachers have asked their 5th grade students to make comic books to speak out against the issue.
“They’re designing a super hero,” technology specialist Dan Clark says. “To teach kids a way to be safe, a way to be responsible or a way to be respectful online.”
The project started with students brainstorming a storyline. After that, they had to hand draw their characters on paper.
Once their drawings were complete, the students then had to scan the images into a computer program that helped them turn those drawings into a comic book.
“It helps them make those comic bubbles, so their characters can talk and so it looks more like a comic boo,” Clark explains.
The only requirement for the project is students have to create a super hero, with a unique set of powers, and they have to use those powers to save someone from cyber bullying.
“I have a cyber bully and a ninja that is supposed to sneak in and tell the bully not to do it,” 5th grader Nicholas Xiong says.
There was no limit to their creativity.
“Our comic was about two pixel girls,” 5th grader Gwen McRoberts says. “They’re girls that live in the computer world and stop bullying.”
Teachers say about 80 kids participated in the project. Later this month they will pick the best comic books and turn them into posters that will be displayed throughout the school.
The rest of the comics will be uploaded onto the Saint Paul Public Schools website so that all the kids in the district can read them.
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